Helping Individuals and Families in Crisis

For those instances when a personal need exists from illness, home fire or even flooding, we have the capability to donate directly to the family.  We can’t keep bad things from happening in our community, but we can show these individuals that someone cares.”.

The founders of The Gifting Tree Foundation wanted to have the flexibility to directly help individuals as well as nonprofit agencies.  As we have learned of dire circumstances where a small amount of money can make a real difference, we have chosen to give.   

Some examples of our giving include: 

  • Gifting Tree Foundation Board Members learned of an individual who had returned home from the hospital due to a terminal illness. This individual didn’t have the resources to get up to date on his rent or utility expenses.  With the $2000 from the Gifting Tree Foundation in May 2020, he is able to stay in his home while his family cares for him during his final days.
  • Gifting Tree Foundation Board Members learned of a young family of four facing a total loss from a devastating house fire. Although they were safe, they had to start over.  During October 2019, we provided a $1000 to assist them in their recovery effort.
  • We learned of a family of six who had recently relocated to Aiken with only the few things they could transport in their car. While they moved here to be closer to family and to get a job, they were living without basic necessities.  The Gifting Tree Foundation provided $2000 in assistance with clothing and basic household items in November 2019.

Annie Cheeks, Board Treasurer, said, “When we give to individual families, we are giving far more than just money.  We are giving them a hand up that provides them the confidence that things will be better because there are people who care.”

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