Gifting Tree Gives $5000 to Provide Diabetic Supplies to Assist Our Working Poor

The Community Medical Center (CMC) is dedicated to improving the quality of life of low income, uninsured residents of Aiken County by providing ongoing quality healthcare in a professional setting.  The CMC was given $5000 by the Gifting Tree Foundation to purchase a year’s supply of diabetic supplies, including insulin, for their 215 diabetic patients.

These supplies are essential to maintaining a healthy approach to managing their disease.  Many low-income patients will reuse their syringes or pen needles because they are unable to purchase them as often as needed.  This can lead to serious infections.  This donation will allow the CMC patients to have sterile supplies to administer their insulin and to have an adequate supply of insulin to manage their disease.

The CMC was fist started in 1998.  It is not federally funded, but is able to provide services to the patients in large part due to its volunteer medical staff and charitable contributions from the community.  Over 3100 patient appointments are made each year.

Don Cheeks, The Gifting Tree Foundation Board Chair, said “The CMC serves low income citizens in our community between the ages of 19 to 64 years old.  Their clients are without access to affordable medical care and are trying to work despite their health issues.”  Cheeks went on to say, “These individuals can’t afford the necessary visits to doctors for their chronic health conditions.  Without these supplies, diabetic patients could suffer serious health complications including kidney damage, blindness and stroke.  Our Board is happy to partner with the CMC to ensure they have the care they need.”

This is another example of how the Gifting Tree Foundation reaches out to help the most vulnerable in our community.  Our mission is to “gift” selflessly to fulfill unmet needs in our community either directly or by supporting other local charities.

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